A selection of TV pilots:

Judy, Judy

A tormented musician seeks salvation on the secluded compound of a narcissistic music producer as she ingratiates herself with the musical elite. She soon finds out that she’s just stepped into a cult where the toll for her fame is constantly demanded.

HBO All-access Finalist (2018)

Sundance Episodic Lab Second-Round (2021)

In This Together

After an under-achieving, long-time production assistant gets a freak promotion, she has to wrangle a rag-tag cast and crew (as well as her own motivations) to keep TV’s last Black family sitcom alive.

Development with CoW (2021) and Story 27’s Writer’s Colony (2022).

Just Makeda

Just Makeda is a web-series about a girl who lives in a world where alter-egos exist and manifest themselves as puppets. They are loud, they are obnoxious, and sometimes they are the only thing keeping you from the brink of insanity.

LA webfest (2015)

Web series Unplugged

Amazing, Marcy

In Aurora, where Carnies and Townies live side by side, the teenage daughter of former circus performers investigates her mother’s mysterious death.

An Addict’s Guide To the End Of the World


When a recovering addict with an overactive imagination finds herself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, she realizes she’s become an uptight pain in the ass with zero chance of survival and is forced to make amends so she doesn’t die alone.

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