Please find a selection of plays below:

10 min.

CAMP explores the surprise meeting of two people at a queer camp for adults. Perceptions and expectations are completely upended in this witty, ten-minute play.

Produced at MeetCute LA (2020)

Full length
2f, 2m

When a group of buds have to go to their recently-deceased friend’s apartment to get him a suit to be buried in, they discover a woman tied up in his closet. Dark and farcical, this play explores the question, “how far would you be willing to go to preserve the memory of a friend?”

EST/LA (2019)

Development with New West playwrights (2018)

HAMMER, a new play about murder in Hamtramck
Full length
3w, 3m

Unsatisfied with his current position as the man of the house, Boris Walker has vowed to finish writing a stage-play that will take him to Broadway. When his older brother, Howard, is released from prison, old family tensions are bashed wide open, revealing the guts of the Walker family. The introduction of a young actress offers hope to the young playwright but as the days tick on, Boris finds himself trapped within destructive family dynamics, unrequited love, and an infernal inner-critic, clawing to become corporeal. Inspired by true events.

Production at The Belfry Stage (2018)

Developed with the MadLab development program and Moving Arts Theater (2017)

Sisters, Dem
Full length
5w, 8m

Three sisters, born on the planet Niyemya Kano, have the power to break an old curse and save their home. With the literal weight of the world on their shoulders, they must decide between duty and creating their own fates. Told in a combination of prose and verse, this lyrical play is an homage to immigrants who decided to leave home in search of something…

Developed with New West Playwrights (2018)

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