Makeda is a Guyanese-American writer, actor, and novice puppet-maker with a proclivity to mention her NYC upbringing (and her extreme love of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) at least twice, per conversation! Her passion lies in telling stories about Black family dynamics, self-discovery, and addiction through the lens of Black, Queer protagonists.  

She attended New York University where she received her BFA in theater, studying at The Experimental Theater Wing, ITW Amsterdam, and The Classical Studio. Makeda is a 2019 HBO All-Access finalist, as well as a member of SAG/AFTRA, AEA, EST/LA’s New West Playwright’s group, a MADlab development program playwright and an Echo Theater Company member. She is an Ovation Award Nominee.

Makeda’s hope is to eventually take all of her tools and use them to support low-income kids and teens in their introduction to the performing arts. Theater was a saving grace for her and she would love to pay it forward. Gray hair paint and grown ass monologues for everyone!

Lastly, While her Jamaican grandmother grew up in Guatemala and spoke fluent Spanish, and her father currently lives in Guyana, South America, Makeda is only a level 2 French-speaker on Duo Lingo and is terrible at geography. She’s doing her best.